Hull Heroes,


Welcome to Hull Elementary!  Whether you are new to the school, or have been a parent of a Hull Hero for years, we want to welcome you and let you know how excited we are to have you as a part of the Hull family.


Thank you for visiting the Hull Elementary PTO website.  Please make sure to create an account login so that you can access all of the features.  You will be able to purchase Yearbooks and Spirit Wear directly from this site.  You will also be able to purchase tickets for school events and sign up to volunteer for a variety of the different PTO events that occur during the year. 


You can always check the website for updates.  We will also be sending emails and posting updates on Facebook.  Please “like” us on our Facebook page, so that our posts show up in your news feed.       One of our main objectives is to keep you well informed of the news and events happening at Hull Elementary.


The PTO’s ultimate goal is to help make our school the best that it can be.  We want all of our children to have the best education and schooling experience that can be provided.  We know that it is going to take the involvement of all of the parents, teachers and staff.  It will require a combination of time commitment and monetary donation from us, the parents.


It is my duty as your PTO president to lead that charge, and work with the staff and the PTO board to set the goals and expectations for the school year ahead.  Also, to work with all of the students and parents to achieve those goals.  I wanted to join the PTO board so that I could be involved and try to make a difference for my daughter’s school.  When I found out that the entire board was “retiring,” I reached out to my friends and neighbors that have children at the school and asked them to be on the board, as well, and to commit to a significant amount of time.  They happily agreed, and that is how the current board came to be.  I am not asking anyone to join the board, but I am inviting you to come to a PTO meeting and asking you to GET INVOLVED in your child’s school.  There are few things more exciting than to hear my child proudly proclaim that she is a “Hull Hero,” and I hope that each and every one of you have the same enthusiasm!


I have been researching other PTOs to help guide me on this journey, and made notes of some the best quotes about volunteering.  Here are the top 5:

  1. No one can do everything, but everybody can do something.
  2. I wondered why somebody didn’t do something, then I realized that I am somebody.
  3. A volunteer is a person who believes that people can make a difference and is willing to prove it.
  4. Volunteers don’t necessarily have the time, they just have the heart.
  5. We put the P in PTO !

If one of those quotes resonates with you, and encourages you to get involve, please reach out to me.  We want to have 100 parent volunteers that are willing to give us 2 to 4 hours of their time during the school year.  The activities are fun, and our children love seeing us participate at the school.


Thank you in advance for your support from myself and the entire PTO board.  We won’t be able to achieve our goals without you.  Please call me or email me with any comments, questions, praise or concerns.


Scott Koehler

602-697-7443 – cell



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